Neck Pain Acupuncture Treatment Santa Monica, CA

Neck Pain Acupuncture Treatment Santa Monica, CA

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, neck pain acupuncture treatment Santa Monica, CA residents trust may be helpful. Neck pain is difficult to deal with, but you don’t have to live with it forever. Acupuncture may help you finally get relief.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you have neck pain, you’re not alone. Many adults nowadays suffer from neck pain. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in car accidents and can result in neck pain and stiffness. The injury can occur when your head jolts backward and forward very quickly. Some patients, however, may not notice symptoms immediately. If you don’t treat this injury properly, it can lead to lingering neck pain.
  • Disc Degeneration: Disc degeneration refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal and can increase the risk of neck pain. This condition is more common among arthritis patients.
  • Muscle Strain: Neck pain can also result from muscle strain. You can strain the muscles in your neck from doing everyday activities. For example, if you don’t use proper form when lifting weights, you could strain your neck. If you have poor posture, you are also more likely to experience neck pain. Slouching puts extra strain on your neck, so remember to always sit up straight.

How Acupuncture for Neck Pain Works

When many people think about treatments for neck pain, they imagine physical therapy or massage. While those are effective treatments, they aren’t the only therapies that alleviate neck pain. More and more people are turning to acupuncture to treat neck pain.

During neck pain acupuncture treatment in Santa Monica, CA, an acupuncturist will insert thin needles in various points on your body. These needles can stimulate the nervous system and help your body produce pain-relieving hormones. As a result, you may feel less neck pain.

Each session lasts approximately 15 to 30 minutes and is very relaxing. Your acupuncturist may play soothing music to help you relax even more. The needles are very thin, so you shouldn’t experience any pain.

How many acupuncture sessions you will require will depend on the severity of your neck pain and how long it has lasted. After evaluating your condition, your acupuncturist should be able to estimate how many treatments you will need.

If you are tired of living with neck pain, you should consider neck pain acupuncture treatment in Santa Monica, CA. Call Santa Monica Holistic today.